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Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday before Thanksgiving -

This is not a lower back tatoo, a tribal arm band, a belly ring, a pair of pink ugz boots, (sans/avec laces) or a "metro" make-over for broadcast. This is an invitation. If you have access to this page, (the ability to read a blog) then you also have sufficient opportunity to contemplate our place in history. My maternal grandmother fought Fascism. My paternal grandfather left the ranch for the city and traveled throughout the Americas with those performing a form of music created to unify hemispheres. Much has been said about what my parents and others who came of age between 1950 and 1970 fought against/for and created. There are a seemingly endleess array of challenges across each of the populated continents, and even an impressive list of environmental/ecological obstacles confronting Antarctica. But I refuse to be overwhelmed. We can and must accomplish something truly epic. I want to move from hopes and dreams to championing and flag-bearing. Will you join me? Rosa Park's recent passing is a powerful reminder of another generation's place in history ... What do you suppose will be ours?


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